Far East Seating preview

Client: Far East Seating

As the reality of Coronavirus took hold, the furniture manufacturing market was turned on its head. Overnight, factory visits to review products, or materials, became impossible. Clients in the USA or Europe weren’t willing or able to fly to Indonesia any more.

Needing to adapt to this new reality, Far East Seating approached Chromaweb with a brief – produce an online brochure to showcase the products in the best possible way. Additionally, provide a client login section so that a private area of the site could be used to show progress of production, and invite client feedback.

The site was an immediate success. Sharing it with potential suppliers saw Far East Seating’s order book explode, resulting in the development of the site being placed on hold.

With a plan to revisit in early 2022, watch this space – for now, visit the site as it stands today.

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