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Client: Justice For Tenants

Justice For Tenants is a not for profit tenant’s advice service – committed to improving standards for renters and educating tenants about their rights so they are empowered and can share this knowledge with other tenants.

 They also provide training and advice services to council staff to allow for more effective enforcement of rogue landlords and agents in order to protect tenants.

When we first spoke with Al at Justice For Tenants, they had an existing site which was extremely successful, but was running on out of date platform using out of date technology.

The brief was to modernise the website, bring the technology and platform up to date, but most importantly not negatively impact the current search engine placement of the existing site as it ranked very highly for several search terms that were critical to the organisation.

JFT provides an important service to tenants, and so the website needed to be clean, efficient, and easy to navigate. The decision was made early not to load the site up with needless images or photographs and to keep the content as easy to read and accessible as possible.

After the site was delivered and went live, an improvement in page speed, performance, and ranking occurred thanks to the high quality existing content being supplemented by modern search engine friendly optimisations and additions.

Check out the Justice For Tenants site here:

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